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Every Alonzo display has a good mix of color and noise. If you prefer more color than noise or vice versa, we can do that. Basically, we leave the decision of the duration and color/noise preferences up to you.

A fireworks display is composed of three parts: Opening, Body, and Grand Finale. A basic display consists of just the Body and Grand Finale, with an average length of 15 minutes. A full fledged display will contain all three parts and will average about 25 minutes in length. Prices depend on the type and length of show. Please click here for Alonzo Fireworks to receive a quote for your show. For all Alonzo displays, we provide $5 million personal injury, property damage insurance, and at least two trained pyrotechnicians to set up and execute the display, transportation or any other costs incurred by Alonzo to reach your site. As the sponsor, you need to provide a permit for the display, a safe firing location, fire suppression and crowd control.

Alonzo is one of only a handful of firework companies in the United States who choreograph displays as well as manufacture firework shells.



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